Sunday, 1 June 2014

Lemon, lesbian Frankenstein wants her shoes back.

Or what I wore during Me-Made-May 2014, days 18 to 31.  Warning.  There are a lot of photos.

Day 18: My mum's vintage skirt, upcycled - ie I put a zip in the side and sewed a side seam and a button on a wraparound.  

Day 19: Butterfly zippy top, by See Kate Sew.  It's a bit big, but I love it anyway.

Day 20: Upcycled skirt and knitted cotton cardigan from when I first started knitting.  

Day 21: Same cardigan, same top.

Day 22: Stripy Coco with no funnel neck, M&S jeggings.

Day 23: Twitter dress with one of the first cardigans I made.  Cosy for May.

Day 24: Fleecy Coco, jeans.  I think I might have been for a run, hence the mad lady hair.

Day 25: Butterflies again.  Love it.  It's so comfortable to wear.

Day 26: Spotty Coco - photo taken in the bathroom just before bed.  Class.

Day 27: Gorgeous warm woolly jumper, perfect for May.  Pattern is Idlewood, if you're interested.  

Day 29: Butterfly top.  Photo taken by Lucy at an unflattering angle.  Thank you Lucy.

I ran out of energy/oomph/interest in taking pictures, although I did wear handmade clothes every day in May.  Hurrah.  My wardrobe basically needs everything - from nice tops to skirts and more dresses.  I need things that go with other handmade things, and things that don't have mad prints, although I really do love a mad print. 

Roll on next May.

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