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Friday, 1 February 2013

White rabbits

Cor blimey, where did that month go?  It seems like yesterday that I was experiencing the whole back to school dread thing, and in that short month, I've been pinched, hit, kicked and headbutted by various three year olds, none of which are my own, and had the dubious pleasure of preparing a lot of stuff for a staff meeting, only to have it high-jacked by SOMEONE ELSE.

Fortunately, the beatings have discontinued and morale has improved, and it's been a whole fortnight since I was slapped in the face!  Hurrah.  The children in question have settled down, and while one is always going to be a trial, the other two are quite sweet now and will be great in a few months.  Very keen to join in, and that's always the main thing in Nursery.

Simon has started his new job today, and it looks remarkably similar to his old job, except that he is no longer driving to Heathrow to sit on his bum and drink tea, he is able to stay at home, sitting on his bum and drinking tea in the comfort of our new office.  Very nice.  I'm sure he does some work as well, and tomorrow he is abandoning us and going to Austin, Texas for "work".  I am devastated, obviously, as looking after my own children, on my own, for 5 days was never in the plan, and I can't even get him to bring back KnitPicks Palette yarn, as I have left the ordering too late, and now they can't guarantee getting it to him on time.  Fortunately, I found a reasonably priced source of Cascade, so he won't be coming back empty handed.

In crochet news, I finally finished the Blooming (Bloody) Flower Cushion.  I do not care to crochet, but as I love to fill my home with handmade objects and there seemed to be no other way to get hold of this cushion, I gritted my teeth and made it.

I am jolly proud of it.  It's comfy too; I took it to the pub on Wednesday to show it off, and it made the sofas at the Drayton almost pleasant to sit on.  

I am girding my loins for the weekend with curry and red wine.  Ballet, playdates, parties and trips to the zoo.  All on my own.  Rubbish.


  1. good luck with the solo mama-ing. it's a right ball ache, don't know how the single mums do it, they deserve many medals. also, glad chalk face becoming slightly less stressful. very much hope my three year old isn't getting up to any bite-y/slappy high jinx when he's at nursery...

  2. It's going well, really, bit stressful, and looking forward to the Return on Thursday. You'd know if you had that child....