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Monday, 11 February 2013

OMG etc

Gosh.  This blog has had 7001 page views, and as I don't track my own page views, they are not all me pressing refresh like a demented chimpanzee.  How amazing.  I know that my deathless prose doesn't reach 7000 people, but I'm so glad that people are reading this; I know it's a bit dull, and a bit domestic, but I do try to make it fun.  I was actually discussing Writing for Pleasure with a colleague tonight, and this is what the blog is for, and why I do it, and I'm glad that my pleasure is read by other people.  So, thank you.

Harriet the conceptual artist put the ladybird magnets in the baking cupboard.  They were carefully placed and looked for all the world as if they had crawled in all by themselves.

In other news, I am heavily publicising Julia's Bespoke Babies, spamming all my friends on facebook, and joining a crafty mums site called "Crafty Bums", so I'm hoping to sell a few that way.  I've still got a lot of stock hanging around from the Ealing 135 Christmas Fair, and I've had a couple of commissions since then.

The bicycle was a commission, the shamrocks were for a friend's daughter's first birthday.

I've added a "What I am reading" bar to the blog, so now, as long as I keep on writing with monotonous regularity, I should have a record of the books I've read this year.  The one I'm reading at the moment, "Ines of my soul", by Isabel Allende, is alright.  Not bad, but a bit too apologist for the conquistadors for my taste, and very graphic in its descriptions of unpleasant tortures, burnings and other ways of dispatching other people.  It gets 3 severed heads out of 5.

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