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Tuesday, 15 January 2013


So, was that the snow?  We woke up on Monday morning to a sprinkling of icing sugar over the cars and the green, and it looked magical and all that, and, as I pulled on my third layer of clothing, Simon confidently said that it would only last until lunchtime.  Roll on lunchtime, and it was snowing hard, so, of course,  I took the children out in the snow for a very short time - I wanted to balance experiencing snow with not getting too cold and wet.  Fortunately for me, the children weren't very keen on the whole "experiencing the snow" thing and we went inside pretty quickly.  We talked about snow, and whether it is hot or cold, and wet or dry, and we thought about making a snowman and throwing snowballs, but it sadly didn't settle.  In a way, I am quite glad, but it would have been quite nice to have had a snow day today.

Harriet, wonderful infant, is sleeping in at the moment.  She has settled into her new room like a bird in a nest, and yesterday slept until gone 10.  This morning, she came down the stairs in her too big Peppa Pig onesie, calling "me wake up now", clutching her dummy between her teeth for dear life - big girls might sleep in a bed, but they still need dummies.  I think she might be coming down with something though, she's coughing a lot and is very grumpy - her back teeth are coming through too, poor little poppet.

Lucy is also sleeping more - we have to wake her during the week, but of course, she wakes up at 7 at the weekend.  Obviously, parents of more active children may as well look away now; I know that my children are lazy, how could they be otherwise with us as parents?  She is enjoying Nursery very much and is starting to make friends, although I worry sometimes that she doesn't want to join in others' games, preferring to work on focused activities with an adult.  She's a bit too used to getting her own way and bossing Hat around, but this is why she is at Nursery, to learn how to play and that is what she is doing.  Her teacher assessed her reading, and while she can recognise and write some words, she is not technically reading yet, but is well on the way to doing so.  I'm pleased; she is so keen on books, she should be a reader soon.

Non knitters, both of you, look away now; I have reorganised the stash and it is now in a cupboard in our office, almost completely inaccessible, but it looks tidy enough.  One of the boards I'm a member of on Ravelry (bear with me) is challenging us to use your oldest stash, so I have dug some out and am thinking of making a slouchy hoody.  Interesting, no?

I'm trying to advertise the blog and the whole baby gro business, so if you know someone who needs a  baby gro or who might be interested in reading about my children, knitting and general complaining, boot them this way.

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