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Saturday, 19 January 2013


Well, I was 100% wrong about the snow, and it is all over the place here in West Ealing; we even had to close the school early on Friday owing to the weather.  It was really a bit much, and I was glad to get back home; I hate driving in the snow, and the car skidded a couple of times, particularly when I was parking.  Terrifying, even at 5mph.

The girls had a good time, although, of course, it takes about 5 nanoseconds to go from "This is brilliant" to "We are too cold and we want to go inside".  This photo is from that happy period.

Harriet's coat is covered in paint; she loves to paint and draw and get messy, but scorns aprons.  She got a nice new coat for Christmas, which she is only allowed to wear on special occasions, and never, ever to Nursery.

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