Tuesday, 20 October 2015

I gotta eat all the time. I feel great when I eat.

It's nearly the end of October, and I haven't done my traditional "October Unprocessed" post yet.  October Unprocessed is the baby of Andrew Wilder and his blog "Eating Rules", and basically it is about eating naturally; clean eating, I suppose, but what a ridiculous way of putting it.

I've been doing it for quite a few years, and you can read about it herehere, here and here if you'd like, and I've got it down cold now.

The rules go like this:

No Diet Coke (easy)
No ingredients I can't pronounce or with a number in
No eating the kids' Haribo at midnight while trying not to sob into a glass of wine
Wine is OK
If it's an ingredient such as flour, baking powder, salt etc, it is fine
No added sugar

This last one has been IMPOSSIBLE.  I may have hinted, just hinted, that I'm a little bit tired at the moment, and life without sugar in tea is not possible.  I'm only having one every few days, so it's not that bad; self justification has always been my strong suit.

Still, the month is nearly over, and I'm still standing.  I've not had Diet Coke for over a year; I now drink tonic and lemon if I want something non-alcoholic, or just stick to sparkling water like some kind of saint.

One day, I will write a long blog post about clean eating and what that means to me, and then I'll Instagram up some pictures of avocados, call myself a nutritionist and make a fucking fortune, but today is not the day.  There is knitting to do, and wine to drink, and I will try to muster up enough enthusiasm to write something tomorrow too.

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