Monday, 12 October 2015

Hey, nerds! Who’s got two thumbs, speaks limited French, and hasn’t cried once today? This moi.

This month is whooshing past far too fast.  Last week was a blur of long days at work, celebratory cakes and champagne, knitting and cutting out skirts and not writing.

For those of you interested in my glittering career, you will be amazed/pleased to hear that I passed my NaSENCO course, and am now a fully qualified SENCO.  I've still not been appointed to the role, as they have to advertise internally, but no one else is qualified or wants to do it, so it's just me.  It will mean more money and more hours, but I'm already working the hours, so bring on the money frankly.  The job is interesting but really, really hard work, but this moi hasn't had a proper meltdown for at least three days now, so let's say it's going well.

One day I will write a devastating piece on the absolute absurdity of SEND funding and the lip service paid by government to the education of children with extra needs, but today is not the day, and anyway there's knitting to chat about.

Our top story this week:  THE WEATHER BLANKET IS FINISHED.  Well, the main body of the blanket is finished, and I'm about half way round the first border round.  I will do two, and then it will be done and finished and I'll never have to think of it again.  It will go on our bed, not the spare bed, and it will be beautiful and there will be photos next week.

Hexipuffs: Currently standing at 193 as of last  night.  On our trip to Brighton yesterday, I made 6, sewed them on, and I'm now sitting on it as a cushion to stop the wicker chair bruising my delicate bum.

The Rainbow Raglan: The body is done.  It looks like this:

I love it.  It's a funny shape if you look too closely when it's not on, but it fits well and hugs the curves beautifully, and skims over the tummy.  Hurrah for fitted knits.  I will finish it before the end of the year.  Probably.  It needs long sleeves, and I've found the right place in one of the yarn cakes, so there's nothing stopping me but inertia.

This One's for Parties Vintage Jumper: The silk is dyed and dry and ready to be knitted up.  It looks like red string.  I'm not 100% pleased with it, but I've knitted about two thirds of the ribbing and it looks OK, so we shall see.  It's all rather exciting; I've not used a vintage pattern before.

The Yellow Petrie: Still just a front.  It's not warm enough to think about summer knitting.

Simon's massive man sock: Still the same.

Vianne cardigan: still needing a new button band.  I found the missing yarn to make the button band.  It's on the list.

These things are still the same.

Miette cardigan in Lemon
Cream and Beige Coco style boatneck striped top
Sun-Ray Ribbing Vintage Jumper

Finish the Wisteria so that when it gets cold, I will be warm
Finish the Peacock Mittens, ditto

Reknit Simon's Cobblestone jumper

Mini Hetty cardigan with sleeves for Lucy
Bright Rainbow Blanket for Lucy - I'm a bit over crocheting closed granny squares, but I'll get this started in the next couple of weeks.

Burton Bear cowl for Hattie
Mini Hetty cardigan with sleeves also for Hattie
Minion blanket for Hattie - same as Lucy's blanket.  *sigh*

Owl Blanket for Robin's Christmas present

The list of things that are still the same should be either shameful or depressing, but aren't, because the WEATHER BLANKET IS FINISHED!\

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