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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Two finished objects in one day

And it's Hattie's Owl Blanket.  Finally finished after about a year.

I started it last January, then put it aside as, obviously, starting a blanket in January for a birthday in December meant that I had bags of time.  Of course, December rolled around and it wasn't finished, despite a last minute desperate push in late November.  

60 owls is a lot of owls.  

And each one is really quite fiddly.

Still, it's done now, and has a lovely bright pink border chosen by Hattie, and I've already started her 4th birthday blanket - tonnes of time...

For those interested:  the pattern is from Repeat Crafter Me, and you can find it here.  Like most of my crocheted blankets, the yarn is from all over the place, mostly using up bits and bobs.

The List:

Wisteria - yoke almost done, about to start on the body
Blue and Grey Socks - one sock done.  Still.  Knit yourself.
Elephant blanket - one stripe made. Second stripe still nearly finished. This will be Hattie's 4th birthday blanket.
Peacock Mittens - one finished, bar the thumb (still)
Idlewood - still yarn but next to start, once I've finished the thumb on those sodding mittens
Ringo and Elwood mittens - nyeh
Hexipuff Quilt - lots more to go, but I'm not really counting it

Owl Blanket - DONE

Paper Dolls - DONE
Peerie Flooers - DONE
Alphabet Blanket for Noah - DONE
Granny's a Square Afghan - DONE


  1. Well done! 60 fiddly owls make the blanket STUNNING!

  2. Well done what a great looking blanket and Hattie is sure to love it.

  3. I love it - I totally admire your patience!!