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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Something Something Tuesday

Lots happening here.  It's half term, so we've been swimming, to Kew Gardens, into central London, had haircuts, been to the library, and we're all exhausted.  Generally, the girls have been really great; even Hattie, who is being mostly quite challenging.  Running away in the Natural History Museum was a delightful moment; as was being told that actually what she liked best about today was playing at home with her toys.  Dinosaurs, apparently, are "YUK".  My angel, ladies and gentlemen.

We chose a huge selection of books at the library today.  Lucy chose Princess Poppy and the Fair Day Ball, Penny the Pony Fairy and Sky the Blue Fairy.  There are approximately 1 billion Rainbow Magic Fairy stories and THEY ARE ALL THE SAME.  Hattie chose a First Picture Book of Playground Games, which is an odd choice.  I have Bones under the Beach Hut, Happy Kids (a self help book), Instructions for a Heatwave; The Prisoner of Heaven and Various Pets Alive & Dead.  Three of these are 2 week loan books, which seems rash.

I'm attempting to read 52 books in 2014; so far I have managed 4 and a half.  Admittedly, one of these was The Goldfinch, which is seriously long and seriously dense, but it still doesn't seem that impressive.   The current book is the fabulously titled "Sara Gay - Model Girl", a book from the 60s about training as a model, and I love it.  It is silly, frothy and very much of its time; it feels like a very innocent book - a sort of Malory Towers for slightly older girls.  I'll have finished it tonight.

SPOILER: The Goldfinch was really very good indeed, even though the ending was confused; poor Theo seemed so out of it and disconnected from reality by then, no wonder it felt a bit of a blur.  I can only hope that he gets his life back on track - I know he's not real, but he's real to me, and after all we'd been through together, I only want the best for him.

A slightly longer review than I normally bother with; but no more incisive for it.

A picture from half term:

Kew Gardens, admiring the orchids.

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