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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Grasshopper Pie

Nigella Lawson is an amazing person, if only for her recipe for Grasshopper Pie.  Not being much of a food obsessive, I hadn't really explored the darker side of American cooking, mostly sticking to burgers and chocolate chip cookies, plus, you know, the whole "not wanting to be any bigger than I already am" thing.  Any recipe that has bourbon biscuits, double cream, 150g of marshmallows and full fat milk is not going to have slimming properties, but is bound to taste absolutely amazing.  It's Simon's party tonight, and we need cake, so I thought that something green and utterly delicious would be suitable.

The recipe calls for Creme de Menthe, and as a lady of class and distinction, I found that I do not own any Creme de Menthe.  Fortunately there is an amazing treasure trove of an off-licence locally, opposite our local fabric shop, so hurrah, now my cocktail cupboard is complete.

It's a very easy recipe, with lots of stress busting smashing bourbon biscuits with rolling pins, and about a bucket and a half of green food colouring (wheeee!); but the bloody thing takes hours to set in the fridge, so be aware if you are on a deadline.

Tastes and looks amazing, but so, so rich.

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