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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Taking Stock Tuesday

Making: As many lovely jumpers I can fit in the wardrobe
Cooking: Every day, as befits a domestic goddess
Drinking: Tea by the bucket
Reading: The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt
Wanting: A bit more enthusiasm for exercise
Looking: Blankly out of the window
Playing: Games with my children
Deciding: Where to go in half term
Wishing: It was actually half term next week
Enjoying: The feeling of being at leisure
Waiting: For Spring to arrive properly, but without wishing away Winter
Liking: My new TA very much
Wondering: What this year will bring
Loving: Listening to Lucy read. Actually READ proper books.
Pondering: What to do about the Hanwell Food Bank
Considering: Buying an second hand dull cord skirt and doing some more dyeing
Watching: Sherlock. Repeatedly.
Hoping: For a happy birthday for my husband
Marvelling: That it's been nearly a month since Christmas
Needing: A kick up the bum to get me to do my tax return
Smelling: The daffodils that are flowering in the conservatory
Wearing: Handmade socks
Following: All sorts of dubious advice about creativity
Noticing: That things are starting to grow again
Knowing: That there is a light at the end of the tunnel with my class
Thinking: About SEN stuff
Feeling: Happy
Admiring: Anyone who can cope with their own children as a single parent
Sorting: Out the mess
Buying: Too much fabric. Is that a thing?
Getting: Frustrated by the never-ending washing mountain. Seriously children, stop getting so grubby.
Bookmarking: Hands Free Mama, a site that infuriates and attracts me simultaneously
Disliking: Nothing in particular, for a change
Opening: The curtains onto a frosty Green.
Giggling: About the UKIP moron. Still.
Feeling: Content

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