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Monday, 6 January 2014

Handmade Monday

How to Make a Skirt the Julia Way.

1. Decide you are going to make a corduroy skirt with a dark blue main bit, a red hem and a red waistband.

2. Buy enough fabric to make a red skirt with a dark blue hem and waistband.

3. Cut skirt roughly to pattern using rotary cutter.  NB spend fifteen minutes searching for rotary cutter, eventually finding it on top of the piano.

4. Sew in the zip.

5. Rip out the zip.

6. Sew in the zip.

7. Rip out the zip.

8. Make a cup of tea.

9. Sew in the zip.

10. Sew the waistband on, sew the seams.

11. Sew on the hem.

12.  Realise it is too short.  Rip off the hem, cut a larger hem, sew on the hem.

13. Cut an inch off the hem.

14. Hem properly by hand.  Give up.  Sew a rough seam using the machine.

15. Finish skirt, try on.

16. Rip out seam, cut three inches off non-zipped side, resew seam.

17. Make another cup of tea.  Eat biscuits until the skirt fits properly.

18. Photograph, muck about with instagram filters, make it look super special.

19. Feel proud as you cut off all the little bits of threads.

20. Do not allow anyone with any sewing knowledge to examine inside of skirt.

So there you go.  One skirt.  I'm very pleased with it, and the only flaws are to do with lack of experience, so more sewing is needed.  I am getting pretty addicted; a sentence I never thought I'd write. 


  1. Your finished skirt is lovely. The colours are lovely. I did start to read your post thinking it was a tutorial for a few lines. It made me laugh.

    1. Thank you! I'm pleased with it.

  2. Lol, this sounds like pretty much every sewing project I've attempted! And yet I keep going back for more :S

    1. I know! Sewing machines are utterly addictive.

  3. A lovely skirt, and I love your description of how to make it - I had similar issues making a pencil case last night!

    1. I had better luck with the zip on my elder daughter's new dress. It's "just" a question of practice.

  4. Hilarious! That could be the story of me sewing anything! Wel done for persevering - your skirt looks lovely x

  5. Lovely skirt and a brilliant tutorial!!! Have a happy new year, Jo x