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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Taking stock, September

I'm a bit meh at the moment.  The few weeks have flown by; Lucy has been at school for a whole fortnight, and everything is just happening faster and faster.  I feel like we're racing towards Christmas at a breakneck pace, and I'd like the whole relentlessness to stop now please.

So I am taking stock in an attempt to slow things down a bit.  The list is from an Austrailian blogger called Pip; her site is Meet Me At Mikes'.

Making: All sorts of things from the Knit List, plus a mini fashion protest banner. 
Cooking: Mostly things by Nigella.  Getting ready for stew season.
Drinking : Too much.
Reading: Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal, by Jeanette Winterson
Wanting: things to calm down a bit
Looking: at grey skies
Playing: far too much Simpsons Tapped Out
Wasting: time going into work early and not going to the gym
Fixing: nametapes onto school uniform
Deciding: to join a Curriculum Working Group
Wishing: I had more hours in the day
Enjoying: Lucy being far more grown up and able to be talked to properly
Waiting: for a shower
Liking: having my mornings to myself
Wondering: whether I'll ever get anything finished
Loving: my mohair blanket
Pondering: my career
Considering: a massive clear out and sort
Watching: 30 Rock, mostly
Hoping: for a kitten to come and live with us
Marvelling: at my children's resilience
Needing: a day off
Smelling: we are potty training Hattie.
Wearing: boots and tights and jumpers.  Hurrah.
Following: people around and jumping out at them.
Noticing: my shoes are too tight
Knowing: I need to join the gym
Thinking: about the children
Feeling: disorganised
Admiring: people who work full time
Buying: far too much generally
Getting: fed up of this list
Bookmarking: the truely dreadfully named Blog Lovin'
Opening: junk mail only to hoy it straight into the recycling
Giggling: about
Feeling: knackered

There.  No wonder I have no inclination to write about anything. 

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