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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Not much

Being back at work is making my life simultaneously more and less stressful.  More, because, well, I have to go in and be treated like a mushroom by a sociopath, and less because, hurrah, Nursery has restarted and someone else gets the pleasure of my girls' company for 4 and a half hours every day.  We have our mornings together, then just as I'm beginning to feel that this has been enough joy for one day, I get to drop them off and they have a great afternoon and I have, well, an afternoon.  My favourite time of the day is 3:35 - after my Nursery children have gone home and before I pick my angels up.  I put something interesting on the iplayer and do my work, and then I pick the children up and we go home.

It's been a whole week since I wrote in the blog, and we've been so busy since then, as normal, and I've also been ill with some kind of ghastly tummy bug, so I've not really had the energy to write anything at all.  On Saturday, I left my family and flew across London to Brick Lane for the Renegade Craft Fair, which was great, and I spent a bit too much, mostly on beautiful handmade stuff, but also on some shoes from New Look, which appears to have repositioned themselves slightly upmarket. I did take some photos, but they are even worse than normal, so will stay under wraps.

Not much less to say - the tummy bug has exhausted me and I have no energy for anything at the moment.

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