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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Sleep deprived

So Friday night Lucy had a bad dream, and the result was that I ended up "sleeping" in her bed for about an hour between 3 and 4am.  I hoped vainly that this might result in her sleeping in a bit, but no such luck, and I was up again at 6:30 with both of them wide awake and ready to play. 

Saturday passed in something of a blur; my sleep deprived state meant that I thought it would be a good idea to take Harriet into Oxford Street to go to John Lewis when it opened. Apart from the inescapable horror of train journies with a very active baby determined to practise standing and shouting at all times, it was very civilised.  Apparently, no one in Ealing gets up before 10, so the train was empty, and although there were slightly more people in town, it was still pretty empty.  I got to both JL and Liberty when they opened, and spent a long time petting the Rowan in both shops, looking for a substitute for something I thought I had plenty of, but which I only had a tiny amount.  In the end, interestingly enough, I've decided to go for a major design change, which will result in the garment either looking fantastic or utterly rubbish.

I bought a small amount of wool for a Paper Dolls jumper, and will start it before the end of the month; my small contribution to Wovember.  I've also decided on the yarn for a Sarah Lund jumper, and found a pattern of sorts that I can make without crying, stamping, throwing or basically being an arse.  Anyway, hopefully I will make a start on both of these next week, after I've cleared the sewing mountain.

We went to Ealing Cricket Club fireworks on Saturday, and guess who had a major, major meltdown, and who thought they were the best thing ever, and MumMumMum look?  Lucy's sleepless night caught up with her, and she was distressed at being kept up past her bedtime, whereas Hattie's two naps of an hour and two hours meant that she was wide awake and very, very excited.  I slung her for the first time in ages.  Let us say that there is a reason that I am not a baby-wearing mamma, and it is that my children seem to be on the larger side of normal. 

Roll on the working week, it's bound to be more relaxing than the weekend.

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