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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Contains showing off

So.  The work thing.  My colleague, and job share partner, had a word with the Deputy Head and we've all agreed to keep things like they are, mostly because Lisa is furious about being treated any differently and because, well, you know, it works and we don't want to change something good.  What I have done, as a token effort to make small changes, is change the time we prepare fruit and milk, and to go outside and shout to the children that they can come and play inside if they want.  I feel a right wally doing it, but politics is politics.

Gosh.  How very mindless.

That aside, these are my children:

I think they are adorable.  The baby also thinks that she is a wonderful actress; we have had to watch this clip on the itoy about 7 times tonight.  To be fair to her, the bit with her sister is the favourite bit, and she laughs her little head off every time she sees it.

Not much else happening here really.

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