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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Ain't no party like a Rainbows party

Two posts in one day to make up for missing out yesterday; cheating?  Who gives a damn?
Despite not having really enjoyed Girl Guides when I was a child, I've started helping out at our local-ish Rainbows group.  It's been really good fun, and the week after next I'm going to run the activity myself, and I've got a brilliant penguin based craft thing to do, which I'm hoping will be engaging enough for Lucy and Elsie (3 and nearly 3) and for 20 Rainbows (5 and 6) to enjoy. 

The unit my friend Sarah runs was founded 18 years ago, so we had a party today for the 2 packs in the very nice (expensive) bit of Ealing.  These are, therefore, nice little girls, priviledged, English speakers, at good, often private, schools, and behave as such.  So a couple of tears from the one who always cries, a sulk from the one who always sulks and doesn't like to join in, a lot of shocked faces when told that they have to be quiet and listen to their Rainbow Owl but generally a good time was had by all, even Lucy.

I have a severe headache, however, and had to have a little sleep on the sofa when I just couldn't take it anymore.

Pass the wine.

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