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Sunday, 27 March 2011

A flurry of posts

So, my Cherry and Almond cake turned out like this: Collapsed cake and my Tea Cake is still absorbing tea at the rate of one sultana an hour, but the muffins came out well, although only one was eaten by each person, which is a bit rubbish. I shall have to have two or three to make up for their reluctance. I went to church by myself this morning, which was liberating in many ways, and also boring, and made sure I got myself into the minutes of the AGM by seconding the re-election of the sidespeople. How terribly exciting. The sermon was terrible; she kept asking us to turn to your partner and discuss the topic, and I know that that is what you do when you haven't got enough material to fill your entire lesson. Rubbish. Charlie and I sat at the back and did a lot of giggling, and also nodded off once or twice. Not much else. Lucy loves her big girl's duvet, and slept through until nearly 10, which is amazing. Harriet woke up at 5:20, so really 4:20, so really in the middle of the night. They have all gone out to a tennis club open day, so I am going to knit in front of the television.

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