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Sunday, 9 January 2011

An Exhibition of Challenging Behaviour

Our elder daughter is being somewhat of a ratbag at the moment. She has been suffering on and off for a few weeks with a cold, and on Friday, she was really not well at all, and all she wanted to do was go to bed, where she slept for close to 15 hours. She was also sick, poor little thing, and had a scarily high temperature. Since then, she has been a lot better, but isn't 100%. Even though she seems fine, she's extremely emotionally fragile and is providing us with all sorts of trouble. Today she refused any form of supper, flung yoghurt around and, when I'd finished speaking to her great grandmother, took the phone and threw it at the wall. Fortunately it didn't break, and the plastic casing hasn't cracked, and that was the final straw for today. She's gone to bed now, and seems to be feeling a bit better. I know she's not well though as she is going to bed without any form of a fight.

We went to a Farmers' Market in Palmer's Green today, as a bit of a change. It was quite small, but looks like it has some interesting things. It's been revitalised by the wife of a friend of Simon's, which is why we went. It's a bit of a long way to go every week, but every now and then, it'll be fun to go and see Hannah and Clwyd and their son. I covert their house and garden though, so I don't want to go too often, as I end up horribly, horribly jealous. The only thing I don't love about it is that it is in Palmer's Green, which is very much up and coming.

Harriet is growing very well, and is now over 10 pounds, and gorgeous. I'm very relieved that she slept for ages last night - about 6 hours. Hurrah. Unfortunately, I didn't as she is a very noisy sleeper, and I was also checking that she was still breathing. It's a start though, so I hope that it will become more regular, and eventually we will all start sleeping through the night.

I have some finished objects to show off, but I haven't photographed them yet, so imagine a grey Owls jumper and a teeny baby gro with a lucky Japanese owl on it. I think I'm owl-obsessed at the moment.

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