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Monday, 19 July 2010


Sad things:

My great-aunt died last Thursday. My parents were in Paris with my grandmother until this afternoon, so they only found out today, and rung me just now. She was very old, and in very poor shape. I think she was coming up for 90, and she'd had a fall which had lead to her developing pneumonia, and she just quietly slipped away. Very peaceful. She came to our wedding and insisted on being brought down to see the disco, as she'd never been to one, and wanted to see what they were like. She also met Lucy and thought she was a wonderful child, so clearly there was nothing wrong with her brain. The best thing is that Dad managed to overcome his difficulties with her, and was friends with her at the end. We'd been to visit her earlier in the year; I'm very glad we made the trip up to Cheltenham. RIP Great Aunt Heather.

My Dad also told me that my grandmother might "pop off" at any time. She's got diabetes, and doesn't look after herself properly. It's well within the bounds of probability that she will slip into a diabetic coma during her sleep and not make it through. I'm glad we're going to see her in August, even though it will be a bit stressful. She's very keen on Lucy, which is a good thing of course, but Lucy is not very keen on strangers at the moment. Oh well, I'm sure she'll behave herself, and if it gets too awful, we'll run away and hide in Paris.

Happy thing:

Our new Nursery is all signed off, and the building will go ahead, Michael Gove or no Michael Gove. Hurrah. Although, of course, my colleagues Gaby and Lisa are very negative and don't seem to feel that it is actually a good thing to get rid of an admittedly big but unpleasant, disgusting and unhygenic space. NNNNNNNNNNGGGGGHHHHH

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