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Saturday, 3 July 2010

All things considered

it's been a pretty good day. We went to see Simon in Southall in the morning, and Lucy ran around in the sunshine with the cubs, having a marvellous time in and out of the tent and generally being a happy toddler.

When we got home, we had a visit from friends of ours borrowing the camera, and they brought cake, which was kind, so we sat in the sunshine and ate cake, and watched Lucy jumping in and out of the paddling pool. They don't have kids, so I think she was a bit of an eye-opener for them. The first time they came to visit her, Jamie sat and stroked her head and hands, and Ben stood at the other side of the room, unable to approach in case he spilt tea on her. Funny, clumsy man.

We then went to Hobbycraft, where Lucy was excellently behaved until she decided to run out of the shop and into the carpark, fortunately not in front of a moving car, but still. Little ratbag. She also threw a tantrum in WHSmiths, when she was stopped from throwing all the cards on the floor and stamping on them, and another minor one in Boots when she was told that she had to come with Mummy and leave the very interesting necklace display with a mirror backing that she was admiring herself in. I gave in on that one, and got her godmother something from the Benefit counter which was next to the display, thus spending far more than I was intending originally. Oh well. I had to buy a "reward for good behaviour" for her in order to get her in the car. She threw her water cup out of the car on the way home, which was good of her. I'm vainly hoping that by the time she's actually two, she will have got over the tantrum phase.

My colleague Anna who was a bit junior to me and is now my line manager is also pregnant, so we will be on maternity leave at the same time. She's really happy, and it should be fun to have a friend at home too. That's what I'll miss this time around, having lots of people around. When Lucy was tiny, I had 6 friends from the NCT around and my friends Gaby and Susie with their little ones. At least I'll have Lyn and Anna to go to coffee with, and I'm going to be doing a breastfeeding course, so I'll meet some new mums from that. My friend Agnes is having a baby in August, so we'll see her, although she lives miles and miles away. I'm really looking forward to it.

I've started knitting the front of the Viv I started ages ago, and it's a really quick knit once I'm passed the ribbing, which will make it 7 jumpers and cardigans this year. Hurrah.

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