Wednesday, 17 January 2018

What did you bring me today? Delusional mutterings with a side of crazy?

Actual footage from Sunday.

We went on a family walk on Sunday.  Only a couple of kilometres and there was only a few moans from the children.  Of course there was moaning; there is always moaning.  We don't like walking, we don't want to go near the canal, we don't want to explore the woods, we don't want to climb on a lock, we don't like these things at all, and we are not being silly, this is a real and genuine dislike, and is nothing to do with us not wanting to leave the house.

It wasn't a beautiful day, but it was cold and fairly crisp, and there were slight signs of Spring everywhere - from bulbs poking through the leaves to little buds on the otherwise bare branches. 

Distance: 2.6km
Weather: Cloudy and cold - about 6⁰C
State of Mind: reluctant at first, moving towards actually having fun

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