Sunday, 7 February 2016

When suddenly Johnny gets the feeling he's being surrounded by horses, horses, horses, horses coming in in all directions

Another Sunday, another post about making clothes.  I'd love to write about knitting, but I've been pretty monogamous this week, only working on the yellow Myrna.  The difference between my knitting now and my knitting then, right there.  Also, I properly screwed up one of the sleeves, and I frogged the damn thing, and am in the process of re-knitting it, which is frustrating, but will mean that I end up with a better fitting garment.  The sleeves need to have 96 rows plus 10 rows of ribbing, and so far I am on sleeve 2, 65 rows in, so not great, but it should be ready for blocking in a day or so.  The only pictures I have of it are terrible, so you will have to wait.

In other making news, I finished my Emery dress, and it now has a hem and is ready to wear in the rain for our grand opening at school tomorrow.

Hopefully, there will be at least one decent shot of me in it to show at some point.  I might have to get someone to take a picture if not. 

This is a quick and not particularly brilliant photo of my latest Coco.  It's got a colour block top, and is actually grey and white stripes, not pure white.  I will take more pictures in the morning, when the light is better, and will wear it on Tuesday and get a picture then.  It was very quick to make, especially since I'd cut it out before we started the building works.  The fabric is from Maud's Fabric Finds, and was chosen by Hattie, at the Handmade Fair in September.  I am making her a Kitschy Coo Skater dress in the blue, so we will be matching.  She chose a particularly pink jersey at the weekend for yet another Skater dress; the girl is developing a pretty good eye for colour.

She's really into clothes at the moment: at the Handmade Fair, she picked out a horse print jersey for her sister, and I've made Lucy a dress.  Guess which pattern?  It's the easiest pattern in the world, and the girls love wearing circle skirts and twirling.

Again, a bit of crap photo.  This seems to be the theme of tonight's post.

That one is Lucy's and this one is Hattie's.

Of course, Hattie took one look at Lucy's dress, and demanded her own version.  And again, of course, the fabric that I bought for Lucy's from The Fabric Godmother was sold out, so I had to find something similar on eBay.  Then I had just enough left to make the back and one sleeve of a Grainline Lark teeshirt for myself, so I had to order another metre and a half in order to finish it.  So all the Croyden women will have matching clothes.  

Horses, horses, horses, horses coming in in all directions.

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