Friday, 3 April 2015

This online slang dictionary says it's short for "amazing." Or it's a club drug made from a tooth whitener. Either way you win.

I've been on my own all day, well ever since last night really, and I've started to go a bit feral.  I've been writing my SENCO course essay all day, and obsessively eating brie and listening to the frightfully posh Paul Temple on YouTube.  Did you know you could listen to recordings from the radio on YouTube?  Well, now you do.

Anyway, the essay is done, all 5002 words of it, not including references, and I'm very pleased with myself.  The house is an absolute state; paper everywhere, all my articles and notes and bits and bobs are strewn around the kitchen, the sewing machine is still out from yesterday and the washing up is waiting on the side for tomorrow.  I need to do a wash, and go for a run, and maybe leave the house for a while, and have a shower and all the other civilizing things that I've completely forgotten to do today.  I don't have much time to write normally, that old refrain, so I've just submerged myself totally.  And it is done.  Done. DONE.

Last night, as well as sewing up the Mortmain, I had a bash at the wraparound dress from the second Great British Sewing Bee book,  It's a bit of a wearable toile, as the jersey is  a bit flimsy, flippy floppy, and I turned over the edges instead of bias binding it.  I tried it on last night, and it fits pretty well, but I'll need a vest top underneath if I'm going to wear it to school.

I've got a much nicer stretch fabric to make a "real" one with, and I will properly bind it this time.  The pattern is a bit of a pain frankly; not terribly well written, keeps on referring me to pages further back in the book, not very well drafted - the sleeves don't fit in properly, and so on.  User error means that I cut the front skirt on the wrong way so it stretches wrong, and then I sewed the right front to the left back, and the left front to the right back; neither of these things were the fault of the pattern, but have irritated me and left me much less keen on the whole thing.  Plus I had to trace the pattern from the book, which was  a massive pain in the bum.  Ah well.

The family are due back tomorrow; I will try to post some modelled photos of all the dresses in the next couple of days, and I might even have made another one by Sunday.  I might make another Coco, it's been a while since I did that, and I've got some spotty fabric for a Francoise burning a hole in my stash.  I'd really like to make another Cambie dress, but that requires a lot of thought, as the bodice is not made for my shape, and I need to do some faffing about with it.  

But first, first I need to either tidy up or set fire to the downstairs.

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