Sunday, 11 January 2015

You’re wise, Liz Lemon. Like a genetically-manipulated shark

I always, always forget how wiped out the first week back after Christmas leaves me.  It's been a good week, but extremely tiring.  I've got a new project to work on at school, because I'm not busy enough, and I've got to start my Write Dance SENCo course intervention too, which will be amusing.  My outline is done, I just want a couple of people to read through it before I hand it in. It didn't help that Simon was away for a few days in the middle of the week either.

A long winded way to say that I've not been blogging much or doing anything except working recently.  Anyway, I've signed up to a couple of crafty things, about which more later in the week; this week I've just been sitting and knitting quietly away at the list.

  • The Weather in the Streets - January to July done AND SEWN TOGETHER.  August in progress.  Those squares in August that have been done have been sewn onto the rest of the blanket.  Still got to do the happy days squares.  *sigh*
  • Lucy Attic24 Ripple Blanket - rippling away quietly in the background - one or two stripes every couple of days.
  •  Ringo and Elwood mittens.  I've finished the right hand one of Hattie's pair.  Now to make the other one, and then to make Lucy's.
  • An Owlet for Hattie - I've made the body, joined one of the sleeves and am working on the second - should be finished before the end of the week.  Still no photos.
The rest is the same as before.  I'm going to blitz them as soon as I've finished the Owlet and the other mitten.
  • Wisteria jumper - I would quite like to wear this now, it's jolly cold in the house at the moment. 
  • Owl Obsession for one of my godsons - it's for his second birthday.  I've bought the pattern.
  • Hexipuff Quilt (I'm aiming to get 250/500 done by the end of June 2015) Ho hum.  Someone sent me 3 spare ones, I need to sew them onto the blanket.  
  • Burton Bear cowl for Hattie.  Brown wool found.  Placed in knitting bag with pattern and needles.  Awaiting cast on fairy.
  • Nicholas' POP blanket - There are still 9 completed squares.   Needs to be done by April, so not that long to go.  Aargh.
  • Peacock Mitten - one done, started the other.
  • Coraline cardigan - moved to be finished by February; this is Britain, it will still be cold then
  • Petrie top - I have some rather fine Peacock coloured yarn to make this with, but it is a spring weight top, so it is on hold until February 2015.
  • Knitted Coco - got the yarn, found a different pattern which I need to buy and print out,  just got to start.  Also, see above.
  • Socks for me - meh
  • Rainbow jumper - I have more Kauni wool, I just need the background colour.  Then I'll start it as soon as I finish the Owlet.
  • A Little Birds jumper with no steeks - still planning
  • Reknit an unwearably large jumper for Simon - STILL not proving as popular an idea as I thought it would be.
Myrna Cardigan
Hattie's cardigan.
A pair of simple socks for the children
Garter Yoke Cardigan
An Owlet for Lucy
Lucy's Cowl
Hattie's Cowl
A Burton Bear Cowl for Lucy
Simon's socks
A tiny jumper for Nicholas


  1. The Elwood is so cute looking. First week back is always tiring isn't it!

    1. Thank you! It is shockingly so - I can barely stand it!