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Monday, 12 January 2015

You have a much more interesting life if you wear impressive clothes

A new button has appeared on the side of my blog.  It's the Vintage Pattern Pledge, and you can find out more about it here and here.

I don't really sew vintage patterns, as I am too busty and too hippy to look impressive in something aimed at a post-war snake, but on discussion with the very lovely Marie and the equally lovely Kerry, I realised that I can just as easily knit a vintage jumper or two and join in. 

There's a rather lovely book that Simon got me for my birthday in 2013, and owing to it needing to be reprinted blah blah, I only received it at the end of last year; it's A Stitch in Time Volume 1, and I'm going to be making at least 2 from it this year.  I've set up a Pinterest board to showcase the patterns and the yarns I'm going use (buy) to make them.  By the way, do follow me on Pinterest if you fancy it; there's really quite a lot of crafty goodness on there.  It's a bit of a rabbit hole though, so make sure you have lots of time.

So, the pledge.  I, Julia Croyden, hereby pledge to make at least 2 jumpers from A Stitch in Time Volume 1.  Susan Crawford has written four books, and they are all gorgeous.  Something for this year's Christmas list.  

Anyway, as I edit to add links and feel that there needs to be some sort of question to round everything off, why not join to?

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  1. I look forward to seeing what you make - I have A Stitch in Time Volume 2, it has some gorgeous patterns in it.