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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Mistrust all enterprise that requires new clothes


Day 7: a post run, post shower selfie, with my spotty Coco and my trusty M&S jeggings.

Day 8: Love at First Stitch was released today; Tilly's first pattern was the lovely Brigitte scarf, worn here with my fleecy Coco and M&S jeggings.   I like to think it makes me look very French.  

Day 9: no picture because I didn't get a chance, but I remember wearing my stripey Coco, and guess what?  I have two pairs, so I wear them in rotation.

Day 10: I was busy all day, climbing mountains (hills in Devon), so didn't take pictures, but I wore my cherry Coco with leggings and trainers, and was very hot until it started raining, then I was nice and comfortable.

Day 11: First Class ticket home, and the Hello Dolly! dress.  It's a bit too big, and the lining shows, so I'm going to topstitch it into place, and give it a good wash.  Might work.

Day 12: Summer in Capri cardigan, jeggings, birkenstocks in honour of the sun.  

Day 13: I was supposed to be working on SEN stuff all day, but as it turned out I had to go into class, so I was far too cold until I came home and put on the fleecy Coco and my boots.  The spotty skirt is the first one I made, last year when I got the sewing machine out again.

Day 14: spotty Coco, black trousers.  BORING, but very practical.

Day 15: Fleecy Coco, black trousers, birkenstocks.  BORING, practical and too hot. Hurrah.

Day 16: Summer in Capri cardigan, polka dot skirt, birkenstocks.  Relatively practical for school, comfortable and nice and cool.  I love Rowan Calmer; I cannot believe it is discontinued.

Day 17: Lucy took this picture while we were waiting for her ballet exam this morning.  The Cherry Coco, with my black trousers, which are now absolutely filthy after I tidied up the garden wearing them, and knelt on snails, slugs and bulbs, as well as mud and rotten leaves.  Ah Saturdays.  

There you go, another round up of what I have been wearing.  Not very interesting, as my hand made wardrobe is very limited.  I have a lot of lovely woolly jumpers, but they aren't very practical in May.  Most of the time.

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