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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

WIP Wednesday

This is my absolutely, absolutely favourite thing I have ever, ever made in my whole entire life.  It is entirely from bits and bobs and leftovers, and I adore it.  It is Hattie's birthday present, and she is already very keen on it, and wants it very much, and keeps asking me when it will be finished.  So no pressure then.  Her birthday is in December, so I'm very much ahead of myself for a change.

It is about half finished, in that it has the half the amount of owls, some of which need eyes, and it still needs a  border, but as it doesn't need to be done for a while, I am putting it on hold for a bit.  Unusually for a crochet project, I'm actually enjoying making it.  

Sorry, yarn and hook nerds, I've no idea what I've used, it's all odds and ends.

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