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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Stuff and things

It is Wovember, and I will be attempting to knit 2 hats for the children, as well as finishing my Vine Yoke Cardigan and Lucy's Rainbow Jumper, all out of pure wool.  The hats will be in lovely, lovely Jamieson yarn, and I'm looking forward to it.  Lucy wants a Dollheid like mine, and Hattie wants a hedgehog hat like Lucy's, and obviously will then want a Dollheid too, so there's lots of lovely knitting to do. 
Lucy has taken to glaring at me now when I announce I've got her a present, in case it is a "knitting present", although she still likes the things I make her and wants to be involved in dyeing and making the yarn.

It was my birthday yesterday.  I can just about remember the days when I would go out and get utterly wasted, but yesterday was a very sensible affair - we went on a family day out to Windsor.  Windsor is pretty, full of interchangeable posh boys built like bricks and horsey looking ladies, and the castle is magnificent, and even though it was raining, we had a lovely day.  We then went on to Reading (will the excitement never end?) to go to Decathlon, where I bought a bright yellow anorak for cycling in the rain.  Nothing says attractive like a bright yellow anorak, nothing.  The slightly less horrible ones were black, which seems a foolish colour for cycling in the dark.  As I will be using the bike to take Lucy to school, I think I do want the most visible colour there is, and sod the aesthetic aspects.

Not much else to say; the house currently reeks of vinegar as I am making pear chutney, so that is a delicious little treat.

Aah, half term.

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