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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

You say Chermoela, I say Chermooula

October Unprocessed continues with bread and honey for breakfast, carrot and apple for lunch and  aubergines with chermoula paste, feta and giant couscous for supper.  It takes about 40 minutes to cook and smells delicious.  I am, unfortunately, craving diet coke, but am trying to be strong and drink water (no ribena) or wine (which counts, I could totally make it at home, but it would probably taste disgusting).

Edit: It's taken me so long to think of anything else to write, so my food is cooked, eaten and it tasted fantastic.

It's been another jolly day in Nursery.  I will leave it there otherwise I may be verging into bringing the profession into disrepute territory and that would not be the wisest thing to do.  I do wish that children who have additional needs were dealt with more sensitively.

The learning to love crochet as a way to reduce the stash project is going well - I have two cushion covers that need cushion pads, and am nearly finished with the blooming flower cushion cover that will grace our front room.  I cannot say that I love crochet, but I do find it considerably faster than knitting.

Who says er-sters anyway?

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