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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Ginger biscuits

Five years ago, on honeymoon in Egypt, we bought a bag of gnarly dried ginger.  Obviously we haven't used it for anything, as it requires grinding before being anything approaching useful, and until my first pregnancy, I was never very keen on ginger.  Since everything I ate made me gag, I tried all sorts of old wives tales, and the only one that seemed to work was eating vast quantities of ginger biscuits.  I am now very keen on ginger, and use it a lot, particularly as the fresh root, but still haven't made anything like a dent in the ginger stash.

One of the blogs I enjoy, domestic sluttery, posted something about making ginger biscuits, promising that they were easy and delicious.  This is apparently in tribute to the Great British Bakeoff, something I really can't be bothered to watch, as I don't particularly enjoy that sort of thing, I'm not a competitive person.

I started making them tonight, thinking that Simon would be playing tennis, so I'd have all evening, but as it's been either raining or hailing on and off all day, I was able to go to my knit night, and thought I'd rustle up a batch before going out.  Of course, we had no eggs, so the ginger biscuit experiment was shelved until about 10 minutes ago, and I can confirm that the biscuits are incredibly easy to make, smell fantastic, but take 15 minutes in our oven, not 12.  The ginger, on the other hand, remains a major pain in the bum to grind, mostly because the spice grinder is difficult to clean afterwards.  

The hole, by the way, is from me giving them a poke to check readiness, and is not a design flaw.

October Unprocessed is still going well.  Hurrah for October Unprocessed.  I am still craving diet coke, and find myself feeling very, very tired without the boost it provides at about 5pm.  Ah well, I suppose it is good for me., and at least I don't feel like I have to give up things I enjoy that I make myself.

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