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Sunday, 26 December 2010


So. We went to Cambridge to my parents for Christmas, and it has been very lovely indeed. Obviously, there are slight tensions, as always happens when families are together without a break for a week, especially when one family member is 2 and suffering from a cold, another is a new born and two others are her parents and completely drained. The wonderful Harriet, while still wonderful, is finding sleeping in her own bed a bit of a challenge, waking every couple of hours for either a cuddle or a feed. She sleeps beautifully during the day, so we are taking it in turns to rest a bit. At least I've remembered how to breastfeed and read at the same time, so I've managed to finish "Miss Pettigrew lives for a Day", "The Making of a Marchioness" and am nearly all the way through "The Angel's Game".

Lucy was very hard work earlier in the week, and yesterday got completely over-tired and grumpy, something we're putting down to her cold, as she's being adorable today, and we haven't had any tantrums. One of my New Year resolutions is to be a bit firmer with her, as I can be a bit indulgent. She hit me once or twice yesterday, so that's got to stop.

Anyway, we all had a very lovely and indulgent Christmas. Simon got me an ipod Touch, which means I can waste even more time mucking about on the internet. It's the perfect size for reading blogs so I can read while I'm feeding Harriet. It's brilliant. I'm sure we both over-spent horrifically, and Lucy really had far too many presents; in fact she didn't want to open all of them and was totally overwhelmed by the whole experience. We did have a lovely day, and went to the village church - I haven't been there for ages, as we didn't like the last vicar (what great Christians we are) and it was a lovely service with a short and completely appropriate sermon, so the day started very well. I didn't feel too unwell after all the food, because I really need the extra calories at the moment, and so three helpings of trifle was not excessive, it was necessary.

We didn't take many photos though, although I have a lovely one of a very bemused Lucy leaving a whisky and a mince pie out for Father Christmas. We told her that he was bringing us all presents to celebrate "bibi Jeesoo" 's birthday, which confused her. She knew it wasn't my birthday or anyone else's in the family, but found it hard to tell the difference between baby Harriet and baby Jesus. I think she's got it sorted out in her head, and has some idea that yesterday was a special day; it must be very confusing for her.

In other news, I am attempting to knit an owls sweater before the end of the year to finish the IntSweMoDo challenge, something that might prove to be a bit foolhardy. I like these challenges that don't actually matter. I sat on my sock sticks and snapped yet another one, so I've bought myself some metal needles. I'm not sure about them as I really prefer wooden ones, but they are a lot cheaper and I can't break them.

Harriet is still sleeping peacefully; I'm tempted to wake her up - see how she likes it!

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