Tuesday, 5 January 2016

That really got out of hand fast

Happy New Year!

As usual, I have all sorts of grand sewing and knitting plans for the year, most of which will probably fall by the wayside to begin with as we have the conservatory at the back of the house removed and replaced with a more permanent extension.  The builders believe that this will take 6 weeks.  We may well disagree about this in the middle of March when it is still a bomb site, but let's be positive and take their word for it at the moment.  

I usually sew in the conservatory, at the dining room table, and cut out on the island in the kitchen, so I will need to have an alternative place to do both these things soon.  I've cut out a Black Watch Francoise dress, and a Skater Dress for Hattie, and before the 21st January, I want to cut out a whole lot of different things.  These might well be or include a Lady Skater, another two child Skater Dresses, a cherry print rockabilly top, as discussed before, a grey Coco sweatshirt which I'll iron hot-fix glitter on to, a leopard print knit fabric skirt, a sweatshirt for each of the girls which will have a unicorn head hot-fix glitter-ed on it, and a grey and white striped Coco dress.  

The only thing with a deadline is the cherry print top, and I should be able to make that in an evening or two.  The rest of my fabric has gone into a box or three and is in the storage unit now.  Some of my wool will be going into storage too, although I will also vacuum pack some and put it in the loft.  This is, as you can imagine, a really traumatic time for me, particularly as I can't even buy more fabric to make pretty things with, or wool, as we will be basically be living in one room downstairs which will be a massively amusing experience.

Looking at that list, it seems quite intimidating, but it's just a bit of cutting, putting in bags and writing words.  The sewing can wait, as I'll be mostly using Simon's office as my sewing room, which will involve a lot of tidying up.  This is one of my skills, so I can't see any problems in our immediate future.

I suppose all the upset and arguments and stress be worth it in the end; it's costing a small fortune, and is going to give us the same amount of space, and moan moan moan, my diamond shoes are too tight.  Still, shiny new kitchen and a downstairs loo!  Dream big, people, dream big.

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