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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance

It's been One Week, One Pattern, um, week, and I've been wearing my favourite pattern - the truly gorgeous Coco by the truly gorgeous teeny tiny Tilly.

I have 7 Cocos now, in all variations: a fleecy pink top, a Breton top, a spotty top,  a smoke grey (green) and white striped top, a blue striped dress (see below), a cherry print dress and a bright red dress (not blogged).   The pattern is so quick, I can make it in about 3 hours, including cutting out and finishing.  I still want to make a dark grey dress, a pink and white striped dress, a houndstooth one after I saw this one on the internet and possibly another fleecy top - perhaps in cream.  And of course, I really want to knit one; but I've got to make a dent in the stash first.  The dresses are so easy to wear as well, and this stripey one has been getting all the compliments recently.

Lucy took this photo.  It's from today, just before I started baking and icing the birthday cake.  I hate icing.  The cake tastes great, but it looks interesting.

More photos:





Blue stripes

Smoke grey (ie green) stripes

What fun, and I'm getting better at taking pictures of myself that hid my double chin.  Next year, I might even have a stable of Anna dresses, or Emery dresses, or a Lilou dress from Tilly's book or even TROUSERS.  Better get back to the running.  And sit ups.  And the dreaded Shred.  

So, thank you, lovely Tilly and thank you, Handmade Jane.  Hurrah for handmade.


  1. Yay, hoorah for handmade! Glad you enjoyed wearing your week's worth of Cocos! x

    1. It was lots of fun. Let's do it again!

  2. Lovely Cocos! I love the stripy ones, and the spotty one!