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Monday, 3 October 2011

Tongue in cheek

Continuing the food theme, as it's the most important thing in my life at the moment, I have been doing all sorts of easy cooking this evening.  Nigella Lawson put a tweet up about her no churn Margarita ice cream, and I thought, Monday night, why not?  125ml of lime juice, that's why not.  It went in my eyes, in my hair and all over me, but I think I got just about enough.  Mixed with Gran Marnier, tequila, whipped cream and icing sugar, it's currently in the freezer, waiting for tomorrow night, when I shall have forgotten all about it.  Another one of my school friends asked me if I was making my own tequila; I am a mum of two stroppy little madams, working for a woman I despise, of course I'm not giving up booze.  The unprocessed lot can do one if they think I am. 

So, anyway, with my head full of Margarita ice cream dreams, I flicked through Nigella Express, you know, the one where she appeared on television as a parody of herself, and I hope she is better now, as it broke my heart.  I'm sure she was on some kind of serious medication and no one told her that she was better off being at home, getting better.  Anyway.  I found, on page 94, the recipe for Breakfast Bars, which would be perfect for my suddenly on a massive health kick husband, as all the ingredients are natural and healthy, barring the tin of condensed milk.  Although I find that I could make condensed milk in the kitchen using a saucepan, a thermometer and about a tonne of sugar, so I think it counts as unprocessed.  *glare*

The bars are cooking, the ice cream is freezing, and I've successfully taken my mind off the horror that was returning to work.


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