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Friday, 4 February 2011

On top of things?

I've been worrying a lot recently that I'm not on top of things. Having two children is fun but very exhausting, and I'm sort of still recovering from my c-section. It was over two months ago now but every now and then something sort of *pulls* and I get a real pain across my tummy. I got it today; I took Lucy to Sainsburys in West Ealing and walked over the railway bridge and now my scar hurts a bit and I'm shattered. That could also have something to do with having visitors this afternoon - two toddlers and their mums - and a bit of a meltdown from Lucy over eating her supper. She gets so tired in the early evening, but, of course, big girls do not sleep in the afternoon, and when we try to force the issue we get tantrums like you wouldn't believe, so we just have to put up with it. It's becoming easier as she grows up, and doesn't really need the sleep as much. Hopefully she'll be able to cope with a whole day soon. I went in to check on her last night and she was absolutely crashed out and looked so furious at being asleep.

I suppose I am on top of everything - when I start to look into it a bit more closely it turns out that the things I'm not doing are writing in the blog, knitting jumpers, printing out photos, taking photos of Harriet using the camera and reviewing books. So not a lot to worry about really.

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