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Monday, 9 August 2010

New baby

My friend Agnes has had her baby. She is a girl called Flora Elizabeth Anne, which is a lovely name. I briefly wanted Flora for our new one, but I'm glad I haven't set my heart on it. I'm going to make her an Anouk tunic/dress in a six month size, which will fit her around about January, when the weather is more suitable for woolly dresses. I think I'll make our new baby one as well. Gosh, how madly interesting.

We went to visit my parents this weekend. It was my dad's birthday the week before, so we were celebrating. I find it all rather a strain, and am very, very tired today. I'm not sleeping properly either, so it's all good fun. Today, we are watching Third and Bird and then going shopping for various things, then socialising a bit. It's all go here.

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